Friday, 22 February 2013

Mermaid Princess

Mermaid Princess
Originally Sung by   : Mystic White

It’s the first time, I felt that time has stopped
Aint no reason, I think I fallen in love

If it’s not you, I can’t see anything ooh boy
Come one more step, oh closer closer to me

When I think of you numerous times a day
Without knowing, I fallen in love love love
Though I cant say it, and there would be no time
If there’s only you (alright)

1              :
I know you know? Love me
You know I know kiss me
When today has pass, the end.

Reff      :
Sad tonight! Oh come closer to me, come closer to me now
Come tonight! Oh look at me before this night is over boy
seulpeun ineogongjucheoreom oh, I can’t even talk
Before I become the waves, come closer rite now and kiss me

Oh oh kiss me, oh oh kiss me
Oh oh kiss me, oh kiss me rite now

I think I have fallen in love with you boy
Love is magic – I think I’m under a spell

If its not you, I never see anything boy
Come one more step, oh hurry hurry to me

This night I’m alone, words I couldn’t say
In this coldy, colled room, right now waiting for you call
You really have no tact, and don’t even know that I’m burning up
As I wait for you(Hey You)
*1 *Reff

Love to me, boy come to me
Say love me, love me
Come with me boy